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Mary & Martha House offers a safe environment where abused and homeless women and their children in Hillsborough County can regroup and begin their journey toward personal and economic independence. To fulfill this mission, our organization provides:


Bridge into Permanent Housing Services

  • Short Term Emergency Shelter (Phase 1) Housing and support services are provided for up to 90 days, to help the family in crisis, assess their immediate needs and provide access to community resources.


  • Transitional Housing (Phase 2) Once the family is stabilized and has developed  their individual employment and housing stabilization plans, they are eligible to be transferred into  Transitional Housing where they can reside for up to 6 months to address the longer term goals of the family. Clients are required to seek employment and to utilize all available community resources to achieve self-sufficiency.


Our specialized team is able to help each MMH resident receive individualized Case Management based on their own unique situation such as:

  • Client Advocacy
  • Employment Readiness 
  • Resume Building
  • Job Searching Skill
  • Interview Coaching
  • On the Job Training (Through our Thrift Store)
  • Time Management Skills




  • Full Time Employment
  • Save and Grow Financial Solutions
  • Residents learn budgeting and savings.  They are required to save 80% of their take home pay after expenses.
  • Credit Repair assistance
  • Financial stability without the dependency of government assistance
  • At the end of the program our residents are able to move to permanent housing with a savings account.
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