The terror doesn't end when you leave your abuser...
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Who We Serve

Our target population is women and children who are temporarily homeless due to a crisis situation such as domestic violence, eviction, sudden reduction in income, or job loss.  Most of this population is experiencing homelessness for the first time.  


Women's homelessness is rarely a consequence of a single event.  It is often a culmination of a complex range of experiences, which together result in housing and employment instability for female headed households. Women run to shelters for help only to reallize they will only be able to stay for up to 6 weeks.  Because they are forced to leave, 85% go back to their abuser.  One reason is to escape homelessness.

Silent Witnesses

Some of the biggest victims of domestic violence and homelessness are the smallest.  To many children home is not a safe place. Millions of children are exposed to violence every year. These children become fearful and anxious. They are always on guard, watching and waiting for the next event to occur.  They are expected to keep the family secret. They are in terrible pain.  Their families are chaotic and crazy.  They feel embarassment, hopelessness, humiliation and rage.  Worst of all they blame themselves for the abuse.

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