The terror doesn't end when you leave your abuser...
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Shelter Support Success

Domestic Violence and homelessness is at an all time high. One out of four women experience abuse in their home. If they choose to leave, 83% of them become homeless. It is an extremely scary time for them. They are used to the abuse. Most have lived with it for a long time. The real fear begins when they leave.. The fear of the unknown is usually what keeps women with their abuser.

At the Mary & Martha House we realize that these women feel hopeless, like no one understands what they are going through. That no one really listens. That no one can make the pain stop. At the Mary & Martha house we do understand. We will listen to her. We are a positive, compassionate, client centered environment that was built on a vision of hope and healing. A place where we help women make informed decisions and choose options and a plan for her life that is individually designed for each woman and her needs. We will help her realize that even though her life has been filled with pain and fear, they don't have to dominate her life anymore. That she can fight back. That she can feel more in control of her life. We will help build up her confidence so that she can face everyday challenges. Our goal is to give her hope and empower her.

Most shelters will only house women for up to six weeks and then they are forced out. The only option for most of them is the streets or their car, if they have one. Because they are made to leave, approximately 85% go back to their abuser. One reason is to escape homelessness. At the Mary & Martha House they are given much more than shelter, food, and clothing. We house women for up to 1 year, and then after helping them obtain and transition into their own home, we follow them for 6 months. We help them develop skills and a resume so they can obtain employment. Each client has a case manager who guides them through the next phase of their life so they can overcome their individual barriers and succeed. They are taught how to budget and develop money management skills. They receive on the job training at our Thrift Stores. Some women need help with education development. We encourage and help them realize their life is not over. That it is just beginning.

We cannot do this without the help of the community. We need donations of money, time and skills to help keep the Mary & Martha House running. Please consider helping us help these women and children. For donation and volunteer opportunities please call us at 813-645-7874 or visit us at or on Facebook. You can also mail your donation to us at P.O. Box 1251, Ruskin, Florida 33575.


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